Gitch Hitch Laundry Loops

Gitch Hitch ® The ultimate solution for player laundry needs. Gitch Hitch is a laundry strap that will efficiently manage socks, shorts/underwear, and shirts. Gitch Hitch is made in Canada and easy to use. It eliminates the added weight and bulk of laundry bags, significantly reduces drying time, and is available in 7 colours (Red, Yellow, Green, Black, White, Royal Blue, Grey). Standard length is 20”.

Laundry Loops

These laundry loops are used by many sports teams in the NHL and WHL as well as other leagues and levels. They are #1 choice by trainers around the world due to the ease of use. Laundry loops help to organize your teams laundry and dry much qicker than other solutions.

Our laundry loops have been used at many events and sports competitions at the highest levels. From the 2014 Sochi Winter Games to 2016 World Womens Hockey Championships, these loops have allowed teams to keep their laundry organized and clean.